Disability Awareness and education campaign

Disability awareness and education campaign is the key to successful implementation of positive attitudes of our society towards persons with disability. We organize for talk shows and presentation in churches, groups and organizations and educate communities on how to live with persons with disabilities, and incorporate them in our day today activities. For example, many development initiatives do not include disabled persons in their activities. In some cases these organizations have policies that specifically exclude persons with disability and their needs. In most cases, this exclusion happens because organizations do not know about nor understand the impact of disability.

Other organizations often think that paralysis is only a medical problem, or as a problem that can only be solved by disability organizations. For example advisory boards believe that people with paralysis cannot work and create policy to exclude them as a bad risk in loan programs. These situations have started to change and development organizations are now seeking ways to include them. This program provides support, promoting their rights, availing manageable and sustainable opportunities. To facilitate this, TCF campaigns for the total inclusion of people with paralysis by sensitizing the society.

I Can Experience (ICE)

ICE activities bring pwps together bi-monthly for exceptional expeditions: sports, entertainment, fun and games, Peer & Family Support motivational talks and educational excursions to elevate their self esteem, promote social changes, advocate for their inclusion as full citizens with equal opportunities and access to participation a visibility and dignity they so richly deserve.

  • Equine Therapy
  • Sports Activities
  • Educational Expeditions
  • Peer & Family support program
  • Entertainment

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. – Anais Nin

Partner With Us


Job Placement program

Job placement program is a service given by TCF that sources employment exclusively for its beneficiaries with spinal cord injury (SCI). Increase employment among people with SCI and institute protection for them from workplace discrimination. To eliminate the handicap of our societies misconception about persons living with SCI; their visibility needs to be increased along with their ability to contribute to the ongoing development of the society. Job placements ensures more and more pwps get their Hopes of life back up and that they encourage the fresh pwps in need of mentorship.

We link beneficiaries to friendly and dedicated staff and partners who are:

  • Qualified workplace trainers and assessors
  • Experienced in recruiting and job-matching practices
  • Specialists in organizing worksite assessments and modifications
  • Able to assist people managing disability issues in a workplace.

For employers, TCF provide employment Options information and advice on supporting an employee or potential employee at no cost. Employment Options is the industry leader in employment for people with a physical disability.

For Employees (TCF Beneficiaries)

What Job Placement offers employees at no cost:

  • personalized service from your Employment Consultant
  • assistance with résumé preparation, interview techniques and job applications
  • liaison with potential employers
  • worksite assessments to check physical access
  • continued on-the-job support, including co-worker/employer education
  • Computer and internet access for employment-related needs.

We have placed our beneficiaries in various industries including accounting, retail, IT, and self-employment.