Our primary mission is to inspire people with spinal cord injury to get out of their homes, and back into society. Ideally, the burden of cost should be mitigated by their families, and society at large, having understood how expensive it is to live with a person with spinal cord injury in Kenya.

All programs in TCF are mostly provided at no cost to our Beneficiaries, or at highly subsidized cost. We decided to make them free and accessible to all who have suffered a spinal cord injury since for most, after the unfortunate event that caused injury, and hospitalization, the most affected resource is finances.


TCF had to come up with a programs that will involve almost everybody participating in the well-being of our beneficiaries. The collection of old newspapers which are later sold to paper recycling companies engaged most homes, corporate and business organizations to participate in an easy and environmentally friendly way at no extra cost to them. The main aim for this newspaper collection program is to create a sustainable system of maintaining/running the programs without fail.

We call those partners who support us with newspapers ‘Wheel-Pals’ as they provide the much needed support to run TCF activities. This program also opens up a new network of partners, not to mention a different form of fundraising because most people are only conditioned to provide funds and other services in kind.

TCF’s program for collecting old newspapers has helped us to meet the basic recurrent costs core to our operations e.g. Transport costs for our beneficiaries incurred in ALL our activities, logistical support, administration costs, meals and activity fees etc. So far these activities have been made possible by the Wheel Pals through newspaper donations, and other well-wishers.

A downside to the advent of the digital space explosion is that a lot of our Wheel Pals are no longer buying newspapers, but are reading their news online. This change in trends has adversely affected our funding, and so in the same vein, we appeal for other forms of financial support from our partners so as to continue growing our operations.


  • Spread The Word: People with Paralysis (PwPs) need you as an ambassador to create awareness of TCFs function as a bridge for them to reintegrate back into society. Open your network of influence for TCF to benefit them.
  • Partner With Us: If you have goods or services that PwPs can benefit from, please make them available for them for free, or at highly subsidized rates.
  • Fund Our Operations: To give to specific programs or operational functions, go to our Contact Page, get in touch with us, and we will share with you the available options.
  • Give/ Donate Your Newspapers: Put together your newspapers, call your neighbors for them, call your workplaces and anyone you know. Let us know that you have collected them and we will come and pick them up.
  • Volunteer: Come with us to our Program Events, to our weekly newspaper runs, bring in your expertise in whatever field you are in; just come, we will figure out together where you can make a mark.
  • Subscribe: From your airtime, you can give Kshs 10 per day, deducted automatically to support TCF Programs. To subscribe, send the word ‘TCF’ to 22384. This will enroll you to contribute 10 shillings a day to The Cluster Foundation.

No contribution, whether in cash or kind, is too small.


For Donors Outside Kenya, you can give through Paypal (click the image below)

For Mobile Cash donations via Safaricom Mpesa, you can send via:

For more information, kindly get in touch with us via the details on our Contact Page.

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