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TCF is a non-profit organization that inspires people with spinal cord injury to find Hope in seeing the possibilities of leading an active successful life beyond their fears or barriers.. Established in 2008, TCF ICE program has grown into a catalyst of hope for SCI persons in Kenya and continues to ‘rally them out of their homes’.

We are a Hub of Hope to people with paralysis. Our activities mainly reach out to people with spinal cord injury who after acquiring the injury believe that’s the end of their active life and the beginning of a consistent sense of inability, frustrations, the end of a social life.

A world where people with a spinal cord injury can realize their full potential.We envision a world where everybody, regardless of their physical conditions, can be given a platform to showcase their abilities, and where needful have a chance to learn and express their ideas and needs. This can only happen only when everybody is considered important and empowered to reach their full potential. We begin by the society having the right attitude towards people with disabilities; this will also lead to creating a world with is disability friendly environment to all.

We have seen many cases where people with disabilities working better than able bodied people, or creating better results across the world and running campaigns for inclusion and equal opportunity for all.

Such a world has more support from both the public and private sectors for People with Disability. Common amenities such as buildings, public transport vehicles etc. should be designed with equal accessibility to all in mind.

People with Disability, depending on the degree of incapacitation, should also receive financial support, be given free access to medical care, disability assistive equipment, as well as free or affordable access recreation opportunities, relief privileges from government, have them and their families assisted with opportunities for work etc.

We envision a world where the hopelessness and feeling of loneliness often experienced by persons with spinal cord injury becomes a thing of the past. Where every day people create new forms of livelihood that can empower persons with SCI live successfully like everybody else, or even better.

To promote the well-being of people with paralysis by changing their self-perception and that of the society through delivering services that build confidence and independence and offer a supportive network in order to create a fully inclusive environment.

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TCF – A Hub of Hope for People with Paralysis.